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I love creating unique, creative art, but group shots are a big part of any wedding or event and shouldn’t be neglected! Here are three tips for better group shots at your event.

1. Don’t make one long line.
People have a tendency to stand shoulder to shoulder for a group, this creates a few problems. First, the photographer has to back up to get everyone in the image; the further back, the smaller everyone will appear. Second, as you increase the width of a photo you also increase the height. This means empty space above and below the group. Third, this creates a very flat, one dimensional image. It’s best to stay close together and create layers. Those taller should stand toward the back, with those shorter to the front.

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2. Angle toward the center.
For smaller groups, especially wedding parties and families, a line can work, but whether in a line or a layered group it is best to angle toward the center. This does a couple of things. First, it brings everyone closer together. Second it puts you at a more flattering angle, which means you look even more amazing!

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3. Don’t let your eyes wander!
This has recently become a bit of a pet peeve, because I keep seeing it happen. There’s a lot going on at the reception and you don’t want to miss out, but if your eyes wander away from the camera, the camera captures that and its obvious in the image. I’ve had clients toss out photos because Uncle Steve is looking off into space. Keep your eyes on the camera.

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BONUS TIP: Have fun with it!
It’s a party, have some fun. Get together for one or two nice group shots, then feel free to mix it up.

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Want to see these tips in video form? Check it out here and feel free to share and subscribe: 3 Tips for Better Group Shots – Video

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