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It’s Just a Bad Dream

Last night, I had a bad dream.  In the dream I was photographing a wedding and nothing went right.  It’s actually common for wedding vendors to have bad dreams before or after a wedding.  There’s a lot of pressure and a lot to worry about, but this was a Monday night and I didn’t have…

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Woodland Hills Bat Mitzvah – Temple Kol Tikvah {Sara}

Woodland Hills Bat Mitzvah – They couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. As Ken & Lauri attempted to convey how proud they were of their daughter, Sara, at the completion of her Bar Mitzvah service, they were overcome by emotion. This is a family I have known for a while, but as we prepared…

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Wedding Albums Create a Tangible Legacy

We live in a digital age, but digital is not the end all be all.  Since its inception, Silver Gecko Photography has believed in providing high quality physical products to our clients.  Wedding albums are always our first stop in giving life to your memories.  Something that can truly be cherished and shared for generations…

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3 Tips for Better Group Photos – Los Angeles Wedding Photography

I love creating unique, creative art, but group shots are a big part of any wedding or event and shouldn’t be neglected! Here are three tips for better group shots at your event. 1. Don’t make one long line. People have a tendency to stand shoulder to shoulder for a group, this creates a few…

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