Pasadena Headshots – Alec Sarkisov {Old Town Pasadena, Ca.}

Pasadena Headshots – I recently had the pleasure of photographing some headshots for my friend Alec. He is not only an actor, but a stuntman and a martial artist. (We currently train together at Larry Tatum’s Kenpo Karate in Sierra Madre.) When I photographed his session in Old Town Pasadena I not only shot the standard headshots, but got him some body shots and threw in some martial arts. Now he has a variety of shots to use depending on the role for which he’s trying out.

When we started the session Alec mention that he’s never worked with a photographer that he knew prior to a shoot, and was curious if it would be any different working with me. I always try and make sure my clients are comfortable and relaxed during our sessions, but it is even easier when I already know the people I’m photographing. I think Alec was more relaxed and we were able to bring out his personality a bit more. I know he loves these shots and I hope they help him land the roles he goes after.

pasadena headshots    
pasadena headshots    
pasadena headshots    

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