Sandy Puc Hands On Photography Workshop – {Long Beach, Ca.}

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the “Sandy Puc Hands on Photography Workshop” in Long Beach. I wasn’t originally planning on attending this workshop, I actually didn’t even know about it until the Tuesday before. I had planned on attending a Sal Cincotta wedding photography business seminar on Tuesday, but waited too long to register and missed out. That same day I received an e-mail offering me the chance to attend Sandy’s workshop for free. I jumped at the chance.

I will say that I didn’t necessarily learn anything I didn’t already know (which was disappointing because there so much more I want to know), but I got to work with some outstanding photographers including (Kevin Focht, Travis Gadbsy and Jason Groupp). This experience reaffirmed that I’m photographing correctly and taking my work in the right direction. Below are some of the results with some explanation on how they were shot and a few behind the scenes photos. There were a couple models (Brianna and Amanda) that were usually with the group I was photographing with, so you’ll see a lot of the same face.

Thanks for this opportunity Sandy!

photography workshop
photography workshop    photography workshop
The above shots were done using natural light and a silver reflector for some fill.
    photography workshop
The above shots done using natural light only.
photography workshop    
The above shots were done in doors using studio lighting. The image on the left was shot using a direct light with a grid. The image on the right was shot with a beauty dish. All the images below were shot in the hotel pool using nothing but two tungsten flash lights and a backdrop. This was a great way to achieve this look and very simple!
photography workshop


Kevin Focht discuss natural light and natural reflectors.

Travis Gadbsy in the pool making it all happen.

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