Seattle Trip – Getting Away For Both Work & Play

Julia and I recently took a trip to Washington to check out the Seattle area and visit family in Wenatchee. It was absoultely beautiful while we were there! Summer is a great time to visit the area, although I am curious to see what it’s like the rest of the year. Julia and I are continually being told that it rains all the time, then we talk to locals who say it doesn’t rain as much as most people think. Apparently “it rains all the time” is local speak for “stay out of our beautiful city.”

We didn’t get a chance to do much site seeing as I had set times to meet with local photographers and get the scoop on Washington’s wedding industry. When we arrived in Seattle we headed to Pike Place Market where we had some amazing fish ‘n chips at Jack’s Fish spot. Then a quick stop at my favorite hat shop, Goorin Bros., following by checking into our hotel, then heading to Snohomish to meet with photographers and fellow Showiteers, Rick & Anna. (A showiteer is someone that uses the “Show It” platform to create their website, it’s mostly for photographers.)

Meeting with Rick and Anna was fantastic! The two of them and their son Dylan were so friendly, not only inviting us to their town (which is apparently the wedding capital on Washingotn), but also into their office (totally jealous), and out to dinner. What I thought would be a hour of shop talked turn into an evening of making new friends (and shop talk).

The next day we made a stop at Bruce and Brandon Lee’s grave site (the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death was just 5 days prior to our visit), wandered into an open house where we made friends with the realtor, helped another photographer color calibrate their monitor, stopped at creativeLive (outside), ate some Hawaiian food, had drinks with my cousin, and finally, dinner with a friend from high school. Add in the 3.5 days in Wenatchee with Julia’s godfather and his wife and it was a great trip!

We kept seeing names of places from back home.

It was amazing how many things were left at the grave site. It was also amazing that there were people there when we arrived and more people showing up as we left.

I had to snap this one fairly quick as there were more people coming over to view the grave site.

This is Julia’s godfather’s dog, she was very sweet.

Julia and I with Rick & Anna from R+A Photography (taken with the front camera on my iphone)

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