It’s Just a Bad Dream

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Last night, I had a bad dream.  In the dream I was photographing a wedding and nothing went right.  It’s actually common for wedding vendors to have bad dreams before or after a wedding.  There’s a lot of pressure and a lot to worry about, but this was a Monday night and I didn’t have a wedding the weekend before or this upcoming weekend, so I’m not sure where this came from.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I was photographing from a distance through a crowd, not completely unusual, but it just felt strange.
  2. My camera stopped working and wouldn’t take a picture.
  3. The memory card was full from a previous event and I didn’t realize it until already shooting part of the ceremony.  This meant I hadn’t actually taken a picture.
  4. I went outside to try and fix the camera and the replacement part I had was bad (not sure why I had a replacement part that look like an old computer modem that had been set on fire – dreams are weird).
  5. As I was attempting to fix the camera I heard “let no one tear asunder”, which means the first kiss was coming and I was not there.
  6. I remember thinking I’m going to get sued.
  7. I ran back inside only to discover I left my lens outside where I was “repairing” the camera.  I went to grab another lens from my bag and thats when I woke up.

Now, typically bad dreams leave you frazzled when you first wake up.  Surprisingly I wasn’t this time.  Here’s why:  This would never happen to me. 

Equipment malfunctions and worrying about missing shots, definitely happens.  But, all of this would never be an issue because I have systems and procedures in place to deal with things that can happen.

  1. I’d make sure I was in the best possible location, all things considered.  I also have my wife second shoot wedding ceremonies so we have multiple angles without being disruptive.
  2. If my camera stopped working I would simply grab my back up gear and continue shooting.  I’d be concerned, but I’d worry about fixing the camera later.
  3. I clear all my memory cards long before arriving to photograph and take test shots before getting started on the off chance I missed a card.
  4. I would never leave the room.  I don’t even like stepping away when the vendor meals are being served.
  5. See #2  – Back Up Gear! and #4
  6. Super scary thought, but I run a real business, which means I have contracts and insurance.  I hope this is never an issue, but I’m prepared and protected if it ever is.
  7. See #2 and #4 again.

I run my business on systems and procedures and I’m continually improving both.  These process help things to run smoothly for myself and my clients.  I woke up from this nightmare and felt fine, because I knew things would never happen the way they did in my dream.

Now if only I could figure out the dream with the unicycle and the talking monkey…

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